DISEGNI+3 – Incentivi alle imprese per la valorizzazione economica di disegni e modelli

After the success of the second edition of the Disegni+ tender, which shows a summary in Image statistical analysis that follows, CETMA reconfirmed the availability of its Design Division to evaluate the provision of specialized services in the step 1 - pRODUCTION on the put into production of new products related to a drawing/model registered.

companies that have registered the design of an industrial product or wanting to register by February 29, 2016 can turn to for CETMA economic exploitation of industrial property through the award of the following specialized services provided and financed within the notice:

  • research on the use of new materials;
  • creation of prototypes and molds;
  • technical advice regarding the production chain;
  • in the approach to the market specialized consulting (strategy, marketing, sales, communication).

< p> You can submit questions facilitation as of March 2, 2016.

Already dozens of companies, in recent weeks, are demanding to CETMA in-depth meetings on call , attracted to the endless possibilities of using this financing tool to really see materialize and marketed ideas, solutions, prototypes that stop too long on their desks.

CETMA supporting for years the importance of the Design/Model Registered Community (DMC), a right of unitary intellectual property administered by OHIM and valid in all 28 countries of 'Union. "For twelve years," says the OHIM President António Campinos, "the DMC has offered protection of designs and models in all kinds of companies - from established multinationals to start-ups."

The DMC is an important resource for the development of European enterprises: 12.2 per cent of all jobs in the European Union is related to industries operating intensively with drawings and models, which in turn generate 12.8 percent of EU GDP (source: Office/European patent Office, 2013).

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