Corporate Training Plans 2016: Technical Support Alert

In the Public Notice No. 4/2016 concerning the Corporate Training Plans for the Region Apulia, POR Puglia FESR/FSE 2014 -2020 – Asse X, approved by Decision C (2015) 5854 08.13.2015, CETMA and Formedil Hub, in agreement with a CNI accredited provider for issuing Professional Credits and with a training company accredited by the Region of Puglia, are available for interested companies to make use of regional funding to develop and implement ad hoc training plans built on the basis of specific business training needs.

the procedure has been running since July 15, 2016, until all of the available resources.

There will be a period of temporary suspension for the submission of applications, from August 6, 2016 to August 21.

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