RE4 project - building becomes sustainable

Sustainable construction through recycling and reuse of materials and structures resulting from construction and demolition activities

On September 15 was held the first meeting of the euro-Asian partnership of RE4 project. A little acronym that hides rather impressive machine to do research, where the world of innovation and industry will work together side by side for three and a half years with the sole aim of creating a sustainable, energy-efficient and innovative building using up to 65% of recycled materials and structures from construction and demolition activities.

The aim is also to show that the construction sector, thanks to research and innovation, can and should be less impact on the environment and use of natural resources.

less consumption of raw materials, less energy waste, more efficiency, more innovation, the real one, however, who has the courage to get out of laboratories and meet the industrial world.

the work group is coordinated by CETMA (Diagnostic and Civil Engineering Area), that always makes no secret of his natural inclination to take charge of the world's innovation needs of enterprises, often share the risk. Other partners include ACCIONA, CBI Betonginstitutet AB, CDE GLOBAL LIMITED, Creagh CONCRETE PRODUCTS LIMITED, FENIX TNT SRO, THE QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY OF BELFAST, Roswag ARCHITEKTEN, STAM SRL, STRESS SCARL, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, VORTEX HYDRA SRL, and ACR + association.

the kick-off meeting day was particularly dense in content, with the first six months of activity to be planned and the visit at the laboratories of CETMA. But the meeting was also an opportunity to know each other and exchange their first ideas on the future of the project. The challenge that these 13 partners have in front is great, but it does not scare because there is the excitement of wanting to do well and together and the awareness of having in the group the most relevant experts in this technical-scientific field.

Project RE4 - "Reuse and Recycling of CDW materials and structures in energy efficient prefabricated elements for building refurbishment and construction.", funded by the European Commission under the Programme for research and innovation H2020, contract n. 723,583.

For more information contact the project coordinator:

Alessandro Largo

tel: +39 0831 449417

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