Rome (4-6 October 2016)

It was held on 5-6 October 2016 TECHNOLOGY FOR ALL Forum, an event dedicated to technologies for the territory, 'environment, cultural heritage and the smart city, at the conference hall of the National Library in Rome .

The Forum has placed emphasis on the operations of Italian companies in the sectors in which Italy is a witness in the world, focusing not only on the integration and interactivity of the impact of technology, but also on ' sustainable socio-economic contribution in the production cycle to final destination.

CETMA intervened telling "The virtual reconstruction of the landscape of Torre Guaceto in time" , which saw the development of 3D digital products and the development of interactive applications (Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality) for the use in both indoor mode, and outdoor, via mobile devices.

"The research objective was to translate and interpret digitally archaeological and environmental geo data, in order to develop two types of applications: the first devoted to the use of content in augmented reality through the common mobile phones, the second made for the innovative Google Tango device and based on interactions in mixed-reality (virtual reality more augmented reality). The innovative value lies mainly in team developing and in the re-use of the same digital data on different platforms ", says Dr. Italo Spada, responsible Area Virtual, Augmented Reality & Multimedia of CETMA Consortium.

the activities are part of the project "integrated system for the promotion and fruition of the Marine Reserve of Torre Guaceto, integrated system for the use and enjoyment of the Reserve of Torre Guaceto". Project targets have been archaeological evidence dating back to the Middle Bronze Age (middle of the second millennium BC) and derived from the systematic archaeological surveys conducted since 2008 by the Department of Cultural Heritage of the University of Salento in the area of small islands called Rocks of Apani (Brindisi).

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Italo Spada
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