CETMA at the workshop of DAREED Project

On October 17 CETMA has participated in the first Workshop demonstration of the platform developed as part of the project DAREED - A Decision Support System for Fostering Smart Energy Efficient Districts - in the pilot site of the Municipality of Lizzanello.

the project was funded under the Smart Cities program of the Seventh framework Programme with an investment of over EUR 4 million and, in addition to CETMA, sees the involvement of 12 European partners from Italy, Spain, UK and Germany .

During the Workshop were demonstrated to potential end users the functionality of the intelligent platform, which is able to provide information and advices to citizens, energy providers and public institutions with the aim of improving the their involvement in the process of district energy efficiency.

the workshop kicked off the deck trial at one of the three pilot sites concerned, the other two being the city of Seville, Spain, and the county Cambridgeshire, UK. The trial results will be presented and discussed during the next Consortium meeting to be held on 21 and 22 November in Seville, where the final version of the platform will be presented to stakeholders.