CETMA partecipates at the congress "ITALIAN CONCRETE DAYS"

The DCE area presents sustainable and innovative solutions for the production of green concrete

The DCE Area (Diagnostics and Civil Engineering) of CETMA consortium participates in the Congress ITALIAN CONCRETE DAYS , an event sponsored jointly by AICAP (Italian Association of Concrete Armed and prestressed) and CTE (technical College of the building industrialization), to be held in Rome on 27 and 28 in October 2016. the event will have as main themes evolution and sustainability in the field of concrete and will be opportunity for discussion among experts and professionals including researchers, industrialists, technicians and professionals.

The project entitled "Sustainable solutions for the construction industry: integration of secondary raw materials in the concrete production cycle" (authors of related publication: A. Attanasio and A. Largo, CETMA - Italy ; Vinai R. and M. Soutsos, The Queen's University of Belfast - United Kingdom ; M. Presa and F. Sonzogni Magnetti Building - Italy ; O. Kaya - Iston, Turkey ) will be held during the session "sustainability Materials." It will illustrate the key findings related to the scaling-up, in conventional production facilities, of the concrete innovative solutions developed within the European project SUS-CON ( " Sustainable, Innovative and Energy- Efficiency concrete, based on the integration of all-waste materials "). The aim of the project, successfully completed in 2015, was to integrate secondary raw materials (ie recycled plastic aggregates and binders "without cement") in the concrete production cycle, thus developing sustainable and low cost solutions for the construction industry . It will, in particular, presented concrete production experience, on the premises of Magnetti Building (Italy) and histone (Turkey), the prefabricated elements (blocks and panels) and ready-mixed concrete based on innovative formulations developed in the SUS-CON project. It will highlight the compatibility of the production processes with traditional concrete production plants as well as their replicability. It will be finally demonstrated the suitability of the concretes developed for non-structural applications, in particular when both high energy efficiency demand.

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