Contract Research

Unlike engineering services, related to the application of well known, even complex, knowledge, techniques and methodologies, the Contract Research services concern activities taking place beyond the frontier of knowledge and applications notes. CETMA Research Services are aimed at building a bridge between the world of research, generally carried out by universities and public research institutions, and the manufacturing companies characterized by the need to find new solutions in a short time.

Research Services consist in the development, management and execution of applied research and technology projects rather than of fundamental and basic research projects. These services are for those customers, for which an accurate engineering analysis showed that their needs can not be met economically with currently known resources, knowledge, techniques, methods. Typically, an applied research project includes testing and experimentation activities. The activities of such a project could involve:

  • measurement and acquisition of performance data not available or not published;
  • development, testing, prototyping and development of new products and processes;
  • verification of product performance and existing technologies for new applications;
  • new ways of integration and application of existing technologies;
  • study and testing of new systems resulting from different architectural combinations of known components.

The typical phases of an applied and technological research project, are:

  • Needs assessment;
  • Generation of ideas and concepts;
  • Detailed development of concepts;
  • Preliminary tests on a laboratory scale;
  • Implementation and testing of prototypes;
  • scaling-up activities and implementation of pilot plants;
  • demonstration at full scale or in the field;
  • Definition of design and analysis methodologies;
  • Support the development of production processes and marketing.

A research project is always characterized by a technical risk, that is, the probability that the search results are not able to meet the needs. This risk is greater if the research activities are located far away from the market. The risk can not be eliminated, but it can, however, be minimized by proper planning and by a good research project management. Thanks to its over ten years of experience in programming, management and implementation of research projects in various fields of application, thanks to its multidisciplinary and integrated approach in the execution of research projects, thanks to the constant and massive investments in independent Research & Development programs that increase the qualification of its staff, CETMA is able to increase the effectiveness and minimize the risks of investments for its customers.