Technologies and processes

The Technologies and Processes Area supports companies in the optimization and implementation of manufacturing processes for polymeric and composite materials components:


  • Substitution of traditional materials with thermoplastic and thermosetting composite materials
  • Component design with thermoplastic and thermosetting composite materials
  • Study of innovative processing processes for polymeric and polymer matrix composite materials
  • Development of recycling processes for composite materials and plastics
  • Process optimization relative to specific objectives (cost, environmental sustainability, waste minimization, productivity increase, article quality improvement, etc.)
  • real-time processes monitoring by non-destructive methods in order to optimize production (preventive maintenance)
  • product quality control through Non Destructive Testing
  • Real-time and/or remote structural health monitoring (SHM) of components and structures, during production and/or in operation
  • Production of prototypes

CETMA has exclusive know-how on the following out-of-autoclave processes:

  • Compression molding of thermoplastic composites and PCM (prepreg compression molding)
  • Liquid infusion, RTM, SQRTM
  • OOA prepreg
  • Induction welding.

The experimental testing processes (in lab scale and pilot scale) are supported, where necessary, by testing , control and monitoring (SHM), simulations of materials, components and processes using CAE tools..