Thanks to the research projects undertaken independently, Cetma generates new knowledge and enrich the skills of its personnel, encouraging the growth and consolidation of a highly qualified human capital. These skills allow us not only to respond to the needs of product / process innovation, but also to deliver specialized and multidisciplinary advanced training services. These training services have fundamental importance in facilitating the technology transfer and management processes , to the companies that turn to CETMA.

The specialized training activities are inherent to CETMA qualification as RTO and are part of its own purposes.

The nature of Centre for Research and Technology, in fact, makes the CETMA an original subject in the field of education, because it can meet the demand for human capital qualification, and together, the new innovation needs. In this way it is able to put into its training activities the added value generated in an every day work in various sectors, on the frontier of knowledge.

The training activities are concerned with the specialized technical skills acquired by CETMA and specifically concern:

  • business management and innovation
  • product development management
  • Industrial design
  • Ecodesign
  • Design CAD / CAE
  • Modeling and three-dimensional animation
  • Multimedia and web design
  • Basics and Advanced Computer Science
  • Advanced materials Technologies and Processes
  • composite materials applications
  • Monitoring and structural diagnostics
  • Recycling technologies.

CETMA organizes and implements also training courses calibrated on specific needs of individual users, businesses and institutions, namely:

  • young neo-graduates, undergraduates, recent graduates;
  • high school graduates or graduates looking for employment;
  • Companies and organizations interested in training their staff;
  • professionals who wish to broaden their knowledge in specific areas of interest;
  • schoolchildren, schoolteachers of all levels, university students, academics, associations, etc.