Virtual, Augmented Reality & Multimedia

Realtà virtuale e aumentata

For over 15 years, Virtual, Augmented Reality & Multimedia Area has gained skills and experience in virtual interaction, media content production, software and applications development, image processing and technological experiential spaces design. (Download the flyer HERE)

More in detail, follow some of the activities carried out by the Area:

  • Production of advanced multimedia content
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Real time simulators and collaborative systems
  • 3D audio/video filming, editing and compositing
  • Multi-platform software and mobile applications
  • Photogrammetry and 360° video/photo shooting
  • Interactive spaces design: museums, public spaces and smart areas
  • Video games development

interazione 3D, nuovi media, tecnologie

Virtual, Augmented Reality & Multimedia Area develops as well solutions for DUNE virtual reality. (Download the flyer HERE)

DUNE.suite is the set of virtual reality software based on DUNE ecosystem, by which the user has the ability to surf 3D reconstructed scenarios and interact with advanced digital content in different modalities of sensorial experience.

DUNE.system is the set of solutions for virtual reality interaction, designed and built by CETMA for exhibitions, conferences, museums, industrial and educational environments. is the whole set of products supporting DUNE ecosystem offered by CETMA as product of 15 years of research and development in the fields of virtual reality, augmented reality, design for entertainment and production of advanced digital content.

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For further information, contact the area manager:

Italo Spada
tel. +39 0831 449602