Virtual Reality Center

Realtà virtuale, 3D

CETMA Virtual Reality Center (CVRC) is the advanced visualization laboratory of CETMA Consortium. The CVRC prepares to immersive visualization, collaborative and interactive 3D scenarios; consists of a screening room of about 144 square meters, is set up in cinema mode with sound-absorbing walls and is equipped with an audience of 34 seats. The display system is characterized by three semi movable screens that allow CAVE or CADWall configurations (9.60 m x 3.2 m). This particular feature offers the possibility of using different scenarios and allows viewing of: reconstructions of environments, numerical simulations, session of mechanical design and style. In addition, the CVRC comes with wired and wireless tracking devices (such as Microsoft Kinect and Nintendo WII-MOTE) that allow interaction with content and virtual scenarios.

The CVRC provides the following services:

  • room rental for design and analysis sessions using virtual reality;
  • virtual tours and interactive archaeological and historical 3D scenarios;
  • oom rental for collaborative sessions on time with other virtual reality centers;
  • study days for schools or groups of users.

Realtà virtuale 3D

The CVRC is accessible only on request and with consent of CETMA direction.

Per further information or cost information
Piero Cirillo
tel. 0831449507