CETMA organizes the first summer school on packaging for mediterranean agrofood products, organized in collaboration with GRANORO, DILEO and DUE PALME, enterprises of excellence in the agro-industry of Apulia and Basilicata. We intend to transfer methodologies and advanced techniques for the generation and evaluation of alternative ideas in the packaging industry for pasta, wine and bakery products, with particular attention to issues of ethics and environmental sustainability. The course purpose is to give a comprehensive and well-defined path that starts from the understanding of the industry’s constraints, and the potential of new materials, to the concept generation for the partners markets. The course will be a creative workshop with visits to factories and tutoring offered by industrial experts.

Trainees will start the PMA Summer School studying the packaging sector’s in some leading markets for the mediterranean agro-industry, as pasta, wine and bakery products. Experts and teachers will stimulate analysis and understanding of trendvisions, how to generate ideas and needs for everyday life, knowledge of advanced materials for food protections, the way to investigate present and future applications.

The Summer School intend to increase the capacity of innovation of the students through the acquisition of methodologies and tools to develop concepts and scenery for the mediterranean agro-food industry packaging. The activities of development will be supported with professional coaching in CAD design and 3D printing. Final goal will be the completion of a well-defined path starting from the understanding of materials and manufacturing processes, to the integration in a concept characterized by an highly technical and economic feasibility.


Students and graduate in design and engineering faculties, preferably between 18 and 30 years old. The Summer School is also open to young professionals working packaging and agroindustry sectors. It’s highly recommended a good knowledge of English language.

Where & When

The Summer School will take place in Brindisi in CETMA’s laboratories, located at Technologic-Scientific Park "Cittadella della Ricerca" from 25th to 29th June 2018. Training days and visits in the industrial factories of the partner companies are also provided.

5 days with us

  • Day 1. – June 25th, 2018

    Welcome in Apulia! Please goes to receive the welcome kits of the first edition of the PMA Summer School! The general manager of CETMA will welcome to “pack” the best week of your life! Have you ever heard about the ethics applied to packaging? Let’s get to work with the regulatory framework for food contact!

  • Day 2. – June 26th, 2018
    Veni, Vidi, Vici!

    Let’s start! The 5 most pasta lovers of you will go to Corato to visit Granoro, the 5 more “drinkers” in Cellino San Marco for Cantine Due Palme, and the sweet tooth in the direction of Matera with Di Leo! On the way back we will discover the most exploitable polymeric materials for packaging!

  • Day 3. – June 27th, 2018

    Which are the next-generation industrial processes? Which are used by partner companies? Let's find out several types of packaging on the market and establish the trendvisions of food packaging.

  • Day 4. – June 28th, 2018

    After all the lectures: the brief have been launched! It's up to you now to design a package that is attractive and functional, and above all respect the rules! Turn your bright idea into a brilliant product!

  • Day 5. – June 29th, 2018
    It’s Up To You!

    A beautiful week has now passed, let's show the projects in a plenary session and let the committee choose the best! We hope that you enjoyed as we are, let's enjoy a small final party! ... Do not forget the certificate of attendance! See you!


The Registration for the "PMA Summer School" requires a single payment of € 600,00. The amount covers the costs of organization, including the welcome kit, daily meal ticket (valid only for lunch), teaching materials and transfers to and from the factories of partner companies.


Di Leo

Di Leo Company, based in Matera, produces and supplies a wide range of biscuits. The vast product assortment includes: Savoiardi (containe no less than 26% of eggs), they are perfect for making tiramisus and trifles; Caserecci, a line that meets the needs of simplicity and tradition; Fattincasa, a unique product line combining tradition, shape and craftsmanship with innovative use of ingredients such as maize, milk, rice and barley flours; Vivisano, a product line of great nutritional value for people who look for biscuits with no added sugar, milk and eggs, with lower fat and high in fibre; Caveosi, a snack made with traditional recipe using all the goodness of local extra virgin olive oil and PGI white wine from Basilicata; Fiorbì, the organic line products. All our biscuits are palm oil free, they are made with only corn oil, sunflower oil or extra virgin olive oil. Quality certification being a strategic objective of primary importance for Di Leo. The Company has been awarded ISO 22000-ISO 14001 certification for its quality system, the Brc Global Safety and IFS for food safety.

Due Palme

Due Palme was born from the vision of Angelo Maci, a winemaker who has invested passion and love for his land, creating a cooperative that now has more than 1000 growers and 5 wineries in the heart of Salento region. Due Palme did not give space only to the most important varieties of grapes as Negroamaro and Primitivo, but still wanted to enhance all the other native typicality that Puglia offers, working 7 DOP products such as Salice Salentino Red, Salice Salentino White, Primitivo di Manduria, Brindisi, Squinzano and Lizzano Copertino. While preserving tradition and history, Due Palme has always had a look into the future, investing already in the 90s in the eastern market, the main market around the globe. The love for the land is what sets the company, in fact, it adopts a policy environment that has an important weight in the balance sheet of the cooperative, but a priceless feedback for the health of the environment and the quality of products.


Pastificio Attilio Mastromauro Granoro Srl is located in Corato, Apulia region, that belongs to the heart of the south of Italy, a territory with a rich history and full of traditions, ever known as the best production area of the Italian and European durum wheat. Founded in 1967 by Mr. Attilio Mastromauro, today the company is considered to be among the best businesses in the production of durum wheat semolina pasta and other foodstuff related to the first course: such as tomatoes products and olive oil. Pastificio Granoro offers a range of 150 different shapes and a rich line of products that are linked to the traditional Italian "main course": tomatoes foodstuff, sauces, condiments, boiled legumes, and extra virgin olive oil. Distributed on the best part of the national territory, Granoro pasta and production line are exported to over 122 countries and our Pasta Factory is accounted for being one of the most important manufacturing company with an extremely satisfactory quality-price index.


ADI was founded in Milan in 1956 at the initiative of a group of intellectuals, architects, designers and entrepreneurs engaged in the definition of a new industrial aesthetic. Since then is the protagonist of the culture of the design, the production, the distribution, and communicating. The ADI has helped place the Italian Design and international attention to the promotion of Made in Italy in the world. The Compasso d’Oro Award was created in 1954 from an idea by Gio Ponti and set up the department stores "La Rinascente" and aims to highlight the quality of Italian Design. In 1964 this award is donated by "La Rinascente" to ADI that takes care of that date the organization and guarantee its impartiality. The award-winning products and reported in the various editions of the Prize, from 1954 to the most recent, by right, enter the assets of the "Fondazione ADI - Compasso d'Oro Collection" formed in 2002 to ADI initiative with the name of the ADI Foundation for Italian Design. The ADI Foundation also obtained legal recognition and in 2004 the Ministry for Cultural Heritage, Soprintendenza of Lombardy, said the Compasso d'Oro Award Historical Collection ADI "good of exceptional artistic and historical interest".There are 13 Territorial Delegations throughout the Italian territory, the Delegation of Puglia and Basilicata was established in 2006, Tito di Maggio and Gianluca Ciullo are past presidents. From 2015 has been in office as President Roberto Marcatti with a steering consists of Giorgina Marrocco, vice president, Antonio D'Aprile, treasurer, Piero Monitillo, advisor, Francesco Zurlo, advisor.


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