Call | LIFE+2018
Project duration | from 01.09.2019 to 31.08.2022


Objective | CIRCE project action aims to set-up a circular economy model for uncured Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) prepreg materials that, according with European directive, are defined as reusable “industrial scraps”. The ultimate goal of CIRCE is 100% valorization of this waste, to transform it into a useful secondary raw material for other end-users. To reach this goal, CIRCE aims to overcome two gaps: 1) absence of useful and economically affordable applications where to reuse the CFRP prepreg scraps, 2) develop and industrialize a new appropriate industrial treatment of the prepreg in order to prepare it for reuse.

CETMA’s role | CETMA will carry out validation and certification of CRFP prepreg to manufacture protective composite toecaps (eg. structural performance, impact behaviour, resistance to perforation, etc.). Cetma will develop an advanced numerical model able to predict the mechanical properties of this recycled composite.

Partnership | 1. HP Composites S.r.l., Project Coordinator (IT), 2. ALCI S.r.l. (IT), 3. BASE PROTECTION S.r.l. (IT), 4. CENTRO DI RICERCHE EUROPEO DI TECNOLOGIE DESIGN E MATERIALI (IT), 5. PETROCERAMICS S.p.A. (IT)

Status | Ongoing project

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