Call | HORIZON2020-DT-2018-2020

Project duration | 01.01.2020 – 31.12.2023


Objective | The KYKLOS 4.0 project, funded by the European Union, aims to demonstrate how cyber-physical systems, product lifecycle management, lifecycle assessment, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence can transform circular manufacturing. The project examines seven large-scale pilot cases to enhance operational efficiency and identify solutions for resource reuse. It will drive widespread adoption of new circular manufacturing technologies, involving many European companies, facilitating knowledge transfer, and mobilizing investments across various sectors. The project’s advanced ecosystem has the potential to revolutionize factory processes and services, benefiting production across Europe.

CETMA’s role | CETMA participates as a WP leader and plays s crucial role in defining and designing the Parametric Design Methodology for the medical use case pilot. In addition, CETMA is concerned with setting the pilot parameters in MR simulators.

Partnership | TECNALIA (ES), MAGGIOLI (IT), CETMA (IT), Missler (FR), Jotne (NO), F6S (IE), FOKUS (DE), DIGITAL SME (BE), CIMNE (ES), CIRTES (FR), SIVECO (RO), CERTH (GR), GFT (IT), KT (IE), ADSYS (ES), UPM (ES), PDMFC (PT) EfB (GR), ALGOSYSTEMS (GR), UC (PT), Innov-Acts (CY), AST (ES), GRC (IL), VESTEL (TR), GRIRO (RO), Pro Medicare (IT), Kanfit (IL), DIGRO (IT), PINDOS (GR)

Status | Ongoing

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